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High-Efficiency 1600-W AC-DC Supply Eyes Distributed Power

High-Efficiency 1600-W AC-DC Supply Eyes Distributed Power

Applications that require reliable 12-, 24-, or 48-V dc bulk power can take advantage of TDK-Lambda’s 1600-W single-output ac-dc power supply. The RFE1600 series features operating efficiencies of up to 92%, minimizing wasted heat dissipation and system cooling issues. Its user-adjustable output voltage opens the door to various customized applications within the communications, factory-automation, test and measurement, robotics, and broadcast/RF amplifier fields. Universal input ranges from 85 to 265 V ac with power factor correction. The device, which measures 12.6 by 3.35 by 1.61 in. (23.5-W/in.3 power density), will fit into both standalone and distributed-power architectures (DPAs). The supplies can be used individually, or up to 10 units can be connected in parallel for high-power or N+1 redundant power systems (built-in ORing FETs and active current share ports help in this regard). Each supply integrates two variable-speed cooling fans, enabling a −10 to +70°C operating temperature range.


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