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High-Efficiency Quarter-Brick DC-DCs Offer Wide 4:1 Input Range

Murata uwq_hires-A
The UWQ series of isolated, open-frame, 204-W dc-dc converters, developed by Murata Power Solutions, is packaged in a through-hole-mount quarter-brick format. The converters measure 58.4 by 36.8 by 11.7 mm, and come in at 92% efficiency. They feature a 4:1 input voltage range of 18 to 75 V dc around a nominal 48-V dc input. Single-output voltage is 12 V dc with up to 17 A of current (±1% line regulation, ±1.5% load regulation). Thus, the UWQ series suits applications that require a regulated bus converter, such as optical networking, wireless basestations, and microwave radio communications equipment. Other features include on/off control of either negative or positive polarity, and overcurrent, overtemperature, input undervoltage, and output short circuit protection. Operating temperature is -40 to +85°C.


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