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Laser Diode Mounts Handle Up To 61W

Laser Diode Mounts Handle Up To 61W

The 764H-061 laser-diode mount can handle up to 61W thermal loads at 25°C ambient with its air cooling system.  An internal series of thermoelectric coolers enables fine wavelength tuning and reliable power-output stabilization and the mount supports both free-space and fiber-coupled diode laser bars. Laser diodes are attached to a top copper plate that is configured with a variety of hole patterns for integration and/or mounting. Custom or other laser diode hole patterns can also be created.  A thermistor sensor is embedded into the top plate for feedback loop temperature control. Electrical connections to a temperature controller are provided via the pigtailed cable attached to the mount. Other features include a hardware kit and a power supply for the fan. NEWPORT CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 222-6440.


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