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Laser Power Supply Family Expands

Developed for the 58 series diode-pumped, solid-state laser power supply line, the 58 PSM 290 includes variable output power, TTL pulse modulation, and worldwide-voltage capability. Controllable in several ways, the 58 PSM 290 reads directly from the front panel, or via a computer using an RS-232 interface, or through an external interface connector. Power control, modulation, diagnostic, and logging functions are accessible only through the RS-232 interface. Through the external interface connector, the operator can switch between automatic power control or automatic current control, and can turn the laser on or off with a TTL signal. Pulses have a rise and fall time of 300 µs. Through the RS-232 interface, the user can directly vary output power and/or diode current, both for pulsed and cw, and can program pulsing sequences including on time, off time, pulse width, and total number of pulses. MELLES GRIOT, Carlsbad, CA. (800) 645-2737.


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