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Latching Control Guards Against Y2K Type Conditions

Available on all of firm’s applicable power distribution systems and mating remote control panels, remote ON/OFF and emergency power OFF are provided through the PDU industry-standard 3-pin I/O remote port to guard against Y2K type conditions such as severe brown-out and black-out fluctuations. Remote start requires a maintained closure between pins 2 and 3 and momentary closure between pins 1 and 3. Opening the closure between pins 2 and 3 shuts down the PDU immediately. Resetting the EPO switch will not power the PDU ON after an emergency shutdown. The user must give the unit a momentary start as a second power up step. This two-step process prevents sudden unmanned start-up of sensitive or dangerous equipment. If the remote control switch is accidentally disconnected from the PDU, the PDU will also shutdown and will not power ON until the connection is restored and the PDU is restarted. This prevents a situation where the user might not know that the EPO had been disconnected and would not operate in an emergency situation. Additional features of the firm’s PDU include EMI/RFI filtering, spike/surge protection, proprietary multiple time delay power up and/or power down sequencing, automatic voltage sensing and switching, dual input with primary to secondary power switching, and single- and three-phase power. Configurations include PDUs with NEMA, MIL or IEC 60320 connectors.


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