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Lithium Battery Retainers Support 10 mm to 24 mm Cells

Lithium Battery Retainers Support 10 mm to 24 mm Cells

Emerging as a unique category of battery holders for lithium coin cells, Gliders are essentially a hybrid type combining the low cost of retainers with higher reliability than regular coin cell holders. They are suitable for hand-held consumer and medical products, electronic cards, electronic toll tags, single-use devices, alarm systems, main boards, PNDs, and RFIDs. Available in 20 styles ranging from 10-mm diameter (CR1025) to 24-mm diameter (CR2430) components, versions for holding two batteries in series for 6V applications are also available. Additionally, versions are available with either printed circuit pins or SMD leads. Other features include nickel-plated phosphor bronze retainers, low-resistance pressure contacts, built-in circuit protection, and ultra-lightweight plastic bodies. Price starts at $0.28 each/1,000. MEMORY PROTECTION DEVICES INC., Farmingdale, NY (631) 249-0001.


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