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Low-Profile Quarter-Brick DC-DCs Up To 95% Efficient

Low-Profile Quarter-Brick DC-DCs Up To 95% Efficient

To handle issues of tight space and demanding thermal environments, TDK-Lambda developed the iQG series of dc-dc converters that measure a mere 0.52 in. high. The converters maintaine a regulated 12-V dc output with 1500-V dc isolation, input to output. Input ranges from 36 V to 75 V dc. The models, rated at 300 or 400 W, feature efficiencies of up to 95% minimize wasted heat and system cooling problems. The seris is compatible with all cooling strategies, including conduction, convection, and forced air. Operating baseplate temperature ranges from −40 to +125°C. Monotonic startup into a pre-bias output capability with its synchronous rectification enhances the converters’ reliability. Power density equals 230 W per cubic inch; usable output current is up to 33 A.  The units suit intermediate or distributed bus power architectures for datacom/telecom, wireless/broadcast, robotics, industrial, and test and measurement applications.


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