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Mini POL Converter Family Adds Three Members

Extending the DK Series non-isolated, point-of-load (POL) dc/dc converters are the  FPDK05SR8003PSV, FPDK05SR8004PSV, and FPDK05SR8006PSV operating from a 3 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc input bus. The SIP devices deliver up to 3A, 4A, and 6A, respectively, with efficiencies up to 94%. They provide a regulated programmable output voltage in the range of 0.8 Vdc to 3.465 Vdc. The 3A and 4A models deliver their full rated output with no derating in ambient temperatures up to 85°C and 75°C, respectively. The 6A converter delivers full output with no derating up to 60°C with 400 LFM of airflow. Prices for the FPDK05SR8003PSV, FPDK05SR8004PSV, and FPDK05SR8006PSV are $5.00, $5.50, and $6 each/1,000, respectively.  FDK AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 215-6500.

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