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Non-Isolated 10W Converters Boast Of High Efficiency Ratings

Built to power embedded computing systems, the NGA1010W non-isolated, miniature dc/dc converters offer efficiencies to 95%. They are based on an industry standard footprint and have shutdown and voltage trimming capabilities. Shutdown disables the converter's output when the shutdown pin is shorted to 0V, while voltage trim requires an external resistor to provide output adjustment to within ±5% of the required VOUT. The 10W, single-output dc/dc converters come in output voltages of 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V with output ripple rated at 40 mVP-P and deliver their full output power at temperatures up to 85°C without external heatsinking. Input voltage can range from 4.75V to 28V and power dissipation is a maximum of 1.1W. In a 21.49 x 20.96 x 5.60-mm SIP package, NGA10 converters have a starting price of $13.80 each in OEM quantities. For more details, call C&D TECHNOLOGIES INC, Tucson, AZ. (800) 547-2537.


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