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PC Clip Houses 17 mm to 19 mm Li-Ion Cells

PC Clip Houses 17 mm to 19 mm Li-Ion Cells

Manufactured from 0.3-mm thick spring steel with a tin-nickel plate finish, the company’s latest low-profile, through-hole PC battery clip supports lithium-ion cells ranging in size from 17 mm to 19 mm in diameters. Withstanding shock, vibration, and the regular rigors of recharging, the clip features a three-legged, THM design for extra strength and stability. In addition to housing 3.7V rechargeables, the component also accommodates A, 2/3A, 17335, 17450, 17500, 17650, 18500 and 18650 size cells.  KEYSTONE ELECTRONICS CORP. Astoria, NY. (800) 221-5510.


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