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"Pencil" Inverter Powers Mini Fluorescent Lamps

The ultra-miniature BXA-12576 dc/ac inverter measures just 1/4" in diameter by 1.4" long and can power fluorescent lamps ranging from 2 mm x 25 mm to 5 mm x 150 mm in size. Typical performance characteristics include 12 Vdc input voltage, 800 V&subRMS; output voltage, 105 kHz output frequency, 150 mA input current, 4 mA&subRMS; output current, and 25°C operating temperature. The thin, pencil-shaped inverter has a number of unique applications. For example, the inverter plus a small CCD camera and fluorescent lamp provides a device for checking weld integrity and locating obstructions. Pricing for the BXA-12576 begins at $9 each/1,000. For more details, call S. Carpenter at JKL COMPONENTS CORP., Pacoima, CA. (818) 896-0019.


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