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Power Shelf Addresses Telecom Installation Requirements

Power Shelf Addresses Telecom Installation Requirements

Keeping an eye on the needs of telecom applications, the CWRS-4150 power shelf consists of a shelf controller and four 1U-high 2 kW power modules in stacked pairs on the left side of the shelf. On the right side is a hinged front-cover plate for access to the GMT-style fuses, RS-232 port, and ac interconnections. Rear connections include four high-current studs and a 12-position GMT-fused terminal block. A comprehensive battery management system is onboard with RS-232 communication and GUI software. The CWRS-4150 Power System supports up to four DRM-440 Rectifier Modules (-54V at 37A output) for power scalability up to 8 kW (-54V at 148A). Other features include a -40°C to +55°C temperature range under full load, 43 to 58 Vdc trim range, Ethernet and TCP-IP with SNMP, and status/control functions. Evaluation units are available with pricing starting at $1,300 each/100.  For further information, contact Denise James at DongAh Elecomm USA, Richardson TX. (972) 497-9990.


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