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Power Supply Drives Non-Linear Load

A new, MIL-qualified power converter has been designed to provide electrical isolation between input power and an electrically noisy load. The DTI PCS-5000 maintains a unity power factor when driving a non-linear load on output. This universal supply is a fully isolated high frequency power converter. It employs solid-state switching and control algorithms to provide very high output waveform fidelity, with low harmonics and distortion on the output. Capable of functioning as a frequency converter, load isolator, and ac/ac or ac/dc power supply, the DTI PCS-5000 appears to the line as essentially a resistive load, with unity power factor and harmonics. Suited for submarine applications, the supply is rack-mountable and provides 1,500W of power, with the input and output galvanically isolated. The output can be dc or 50 Hz to 400 Hz. Pricing depends on configuration and user requirements. DIVERSIFIED TECHNOLOGIES INC., Bedford, MA. (781) 275-9444 ext. 211.


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