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Power Supply Module Employs Advanced Switching Circuit

This 6W, universal input, single output dc/dc switching power supply uses an advanced switching circuit that operates at 500 kHz, with the supply's efficiency jumping from a poor 10%-15% to more than 75%. And the Model 830-004 supply's ceramic substrate enables the module to operate without an external heatsink, saving space and reducing the cost of installation. The 830-004 provides 2,000V isolation and is available in custom versions up to 3,500V. Standard output voltage range is 5 to 18 Vdc. Custom voltages between 3.5V and 24V are also available. The 830-004 module can be used as a stand-alone power supply for small electronics and microprocessor-controlled appliances and as a replacement for wall mount transformers used with a large array of portable electronics such as wireless phones, modems, personal printers, oral hygiene appliances and many other consumer products. The 830-004 series is supplied in several SIP configurations, including vertical or horizontal through-hole mounting and a low profile surface-mount version. Price is under $6 each in OEM quantities.


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