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Power Supply Targets Small PBX & Wireless Apps

All the necessary functions for wireless local loop and small PBX applications are said to be provided in the PD-8050-601, an integrated, 32W telecomm power supply. An 85-265 vac input coupled with a 12 vdc battery backup input is supported by a built-in NiCad or Lead Acid battery charger and ensure 100% uptime for any telecomm system. The built-in control and telemetry ports allow for the monitoring of battery backup and ac line status. The unit also has a multi-frequency 5 REN sine wave ring generator output to support POTS telephone and low-voltage outputs of 5 vdc, ±12 vdc, -6 vdc, and -48 vdc to support system electronics. Outputs are overload and short circuit protected. The 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" unit is priced at $125 each/100.


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