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Quarter-Brick Package Holds 300W C-BUS Converter

Providing 25A at a 12V nominal output at an efficiency of 96%, the CBQ2548G1 300W intermediate bus converter supports the emerging two-stage dc power conversion architecture aimed at 48V systems that provide power to multiple non-isolated point-of-load (POL) converters downstream. With a narrow input of 42 to 53 Vdc and boasting of a 210 W/in³ power density, the new quarter-brick C-BUS converter is a smart dc transformer that runs open loop to maximize efficiency and output current while reducing or eliminating components, such as life-limiting electrolytic capacitors. The C-BUS converters meet basic insulation requirements of EN609560 and come in open frame and base-plate versions. Price is $49 each/1,000. CHEROKEE INTERNATIONAL, Tustin, CA. (714) 544-6665.


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