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Rack-Mount Power System Has AC Front End

Providing ac front-end capability to telecomm, datacomm and other distributed power systems, the FXP7000-48 series rack-mount, pluggable power system can be paralleled for up to 210 kW of total output power. The unit accepts from 200 to 240 Vac and provides an output voltage of 48V, adjustable from 45.6V to 50.4V, with a maximum output current of 145A. Other features include single-wire or droop-current sharing, remote voltage adjust, current monitoring, and over-temperature, over-load and over-voltage protection. A single connector at the rear of the supply provides access to interfaces for remote sensing, remote voltage adjust, current sharing, current monitoring, power supply status, standby voltage and inhibit, and power connections. POWER-ONE INC., Camarillo, CA. (800) 678-9445.


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