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Sixteenth Brick Converter Delivers 84W

Sixteenth Brick Converter Delivers 84W

The Cool Power Technologies CPT7B48 12V/7A, sixteenth-brick dc/dc converter in an open-frame module delivers a full 84W of output power at +55°C with 200 lfm of airflow, making it suitable for distributed power architecture applications or as a regulated intermediate bus converter. The module is compliant with DOSA footprint and interface standards and provides an input voltage range of 36 to 75 Vdc plus 2,250 Vdc of input to output isolation. Other features include efficiencies exceeding 93% from one-half load through full load, compliance with EN 60950, 100V/100-mS input voltage transient and pre-biased load startup, fixed-frequency operation, auto-restart, an array of protection features, UVLO with 2V hysteresis, remote sense and +10/-20% output voltage trim using industry standard equations, and remote ON/OFF with positive or negative logic options available. Semiconductor Circuits Inc., Atkinson, NH. (888) 438-3232.


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