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Sixteenth-Brick Converters Accelerate Time To Market

Addressing demands for shorter time-to-market, the PKU4619 and PKU4710 sixteenth-brick dc/dc converters power 60W to 65W applications and primarily target telecom and datacom systems and equipment. With an input range of 36V to 75V, the components provide outputs of 2.5V/25A and 3.3V/20A, and output powers of 62.5W and 66W, respectively. In a natural convection environment, full power is feasible up to +40°C and, with a 3-m/s airflow, up to +80°C. Pricing for either the PKU4619 or PKU4710 is $18.70 each in OEM quantities. ERICSSON INC., Plano, TX. (972) 583-6910/-5254.

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