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Switched-Mode Supply Offers 13W/in.3

Hot pluggable with a front end that delivers a power density of more than 13W/in.3 in a standard 5" x 5" case, two switched-mode supply models are PM33215B-5 single-phase with 0.99 PFC and PM33215B-5P three-phase with 0.95 PFC. Available outputs are 48 vdc at 100A, 32 vdc at 155A, 28 vdc at 175A, 26 vdc at 190A and 24 vdc at 200A. A 3U, 24" rack configured to provide up to 20 kW and 25 kW of system power in a standard 30" rack assembly. Additional racks can be added to yield up to 100 kW. The N+1 redundant power configurations are accomplished with up to 91% efficiency. Operating temperature is 0° to 50°C, and input can range from 185 to 264 vac at 47 to 63 Hz. Price starts at $0.30/W in production qty.

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