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Switching Power Supply Provides Up To 16 Outputs

Introduced as an extended version of the PFC MegaPAC switching power supply, the new PFC MegaPAC-EL is a field-configurable, power-factor-corrected, ac input switcher that provides from one to 16 outputs and a maximum of 1,600W of output power. Typical differential noise is 10 mVp-p or less. Measuring 15.5" x 6.0" x 3.4", this compact supply provides a power density of greater than 10 W/in3.
The EL employs a single-slot, slide in ConverterPAC. Each utilizes the company's first-generation series modules, one QPAC-L with VI-200 for one to eight outputs or a DualQPAC-DL with two VI-200s for one to 16 outputs. The switchers are available in voltages from 2 to 95 Vdc and provide power up to 200W. The MegaPAC-EL is said to be ideal for test and measurement equipment, especially mixed-signal testers and other systems requiring low noise at high current levels. Current sharing is available for higher power applications. Pricing of the 1.6 kW PFC MegaPAC-EL is $0.96/W for 100 pieces.

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