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Thin DC/DC Converter Meets Intel VRM Specs

Developed specifically to meet or exceed the Intel VRM8.4 specification, the EM5-V-20SL dc/dc converter features a thin design with 5V input and 1.3V to 3.5V at 20A output. In addition, the modules require only a 5V input—a 12V MOSFET bias supply is not needed—and they can convert the raw 5V supply voltage to a well-regulated voltage.
Key features include remote sensing of output voltage, output enable digital input, and power good indicator digital output. Reliable operation is ensured with high efficiency synchronous rectification, overload and short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection. The units also feature a soft start that eliminates turn-on overshoot, as well as digital control to avoid clamping the output if voltage is present. Available outputs range from a minimum of 1.3V to a maximum of 3.5V.
Applications include Pentium III, Athlon , and other advanced microprocessor supplies.


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