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1-A Switching Regulators Operate With 96% Efficiency To Replace Linear Regulators

The TSR-1 series switching regulators from Tracopower can be used as drop-in replacements for 78XX series linear regulators (see the figure). The nine models in the TSR-1 series provide 4.75- to 32-V dc input ranges and output voltages of 1.5 to 15 V dc and 1-A output current. Operating with up to 96% efficiency, they offer full-load operation up to 60°C ambient temperature without a heatsink or forced cooling. Compared to linear regulators, they also provide better output accuracy and lower standby current, and they don’t require external capacitors, according to Tracopower. They allow direct operation from a 24-V dc bus voltage as well. With their high efficiency and low standby power consumption, these regulators suit battery-powered applications, the company says. Pricing starts at $5.50 in lots of 1000 with deliveries from stock to six weeks.



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