1-U Power Supply Achieves 400 W Without Fans

1-U Power Supply Achieves 400 W Without Fans

XP Power’s SDH400 series of single- and dual-output 400-W convection-cooled power supplies can deliver the full 400-W output without any cooling fans or forced airflow. Efficiency is typically 88% for single-output models and 85% for duals.

These compact 1-U profile chassis-mount supplies measure 203.0 by 127.0 by 40.64 mm (8.0 by 5.0 by 1.6 in.). The single-output models also have a peak power capability that allows them to deliver 700 W for up to 0.5 seconds. This is for applications that have momentary high startup currents such as that of a motor, so specifying a higher-rated power supply in this case is not required.

The SDH400 single-output range comprises nine models providing all the popular nominal output voltages from +3 to +60 V dc. Three dual-output models offer output combinations of +5/+12 V dc, +5/+24 V dc, or +12/+24 V dc. A trim function enables user adjustment of output voltage in the range of ±5% of stated nominal to make up for load losses or to cater for non-standard voltage requirements.

The full convection rating is available from 90 to 264 V ac input. The series operates from 0°C to 70°C with no derating until +50°C, meaning the SDH400 series will suit most global industrial power requirements without de-rating.



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