10-A Gate Driver Shrinks Automotive High-Current Switching-System Size

10-A Gate Driver Shrinks Automotive High-Current Switching-System Size

With an output current exceeding 10 A, International Rectifier’s compact AUIR08152S gate-drive IC looks to reduce system size and boost performance in automotive and industrial high-power switching applications. The buffer gate driver allows the use of any standard low-current gate driver, optocoupler, or CMOS isolator to driver large IGBTs or MOSFETs in switching apps. Moreover, it boosts any low- or under-powered gate drive into a high-current drive system. It comes in an SO8 package, which means the IC can replace up 10 discrete components. Low output impedance and power losses suit the device for harsh and high-temperature environments. Furthermore, an integrated PMOS output in parallel to the high-side pull-up NMOS creates negative VGS driving and continuous on-state capability. OUTH and OUTL separated outputs allow two different external resistors to be selected for gate charging and discharging—a key factor when trying to control electromagnetic interference and CdV/dT effect in high-power motor-driver and SMPS applications.


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