100% Lead-Free MOSFETs Target Auto Applications

100% Lead-Free MOSFETs Target Auto Applications

Neubiberg, Germany: Infineon Technologies has developed an automotive qualified, 100% lead-free power MOSFET. Based on the company’s thin wafer process technology, the 40-V OptiMO T2 is produced using a diffusion-soldering die attach method (see the figure).

The MOSFET is available in TO-220, TO-262, and TO-263 packaging options. Because of specific requirements in terms of package geometry, die pad thickness, and chip size, the diffusion soldering die attach approach is only suitable for these three package types.

These MOSFETs exceed current Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives related to lead-based solder used to attach silicon chips to packages, according to the company.

Stricter End of Life Vehicle (ELV) and RoHS directives pending implementation after 2014 may require 100% lead-free packaging. As the first MOSFET in the industry to eliminate lead, the OptiMO T2 will allow customers to meet these stricter requirements.


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