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1000-W Symmetrical Power Supply Squashes AC Power Line Noise

The 1000-W BP30 balanced symmetrical power supply eliminates the noise and hum caused by unbalanced ac power lines. The unit handles 1000 W continuously with input and output voltages of 120 V at 60 Hz. Four duplex grounded receptacles provide eight separate outlets. The unit also incorporates a 15-A time-delay fuse. The transformer uses a toroidal core construction, providing low losses and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). It includes a static shield between primary and secondary windings to reduce capacitive coupling. The transformer's built-in thermal cutoff is activated at 105°C. The BP30 comes in a black anodized aluminum enclosure measuring 14.5 by 9.0 by 3.5 in. The unit weighs 26 lbs. A 240-V, 60-Hz version is also available. The BP30 power supply costs $895 each in single-unit quantities.

Alpha-Core Inc.
www.alphacore.com; (800) 836-5920

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