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1200-V Soft Switching IGBT Boosts Power In Hybrids And Electrics


The 1200-V AUIRGDC0250 automotive-qualified IGBT has been optimized for soft switching applications such as Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters used in electric and hybrid vehicles. Available in a compact Super TO-220 package, the device features low VCE(on) to reduce power dissipation and achieve higher power density, positive VCE(on) temperature coefficient making the device suitable for paralleling, and optimized square reverse bias safe operating area. The soft switching nature of the AUIRGDC0250 aids it in adhering to system level EMI regulations. Low conduction losses make it suitable for relay replacement sockets including PTC heater applications, while its Super TO-220 package enables customers to meet electrical creepage requirements. The company's automotive IGBTs are subjected to dynamic and static part average testing combined with 100 percent automated wafer level visual inspection. Available now, pricing of the AUIRGDC0250 is $2.05 each/1,000.



TAGS: Automotive
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