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1200/1700-V Power Modules Weigh Half As Much

Designed for industrial applications, the PrimePACK power modules from Infineon Technologies AG are up to 45% lighter than other modules having the same power rating. The modules are based on an innovative packaging concept that harnesses the advantages of Infineon’s IGBT4 insulated-gate bipolar transistor chips.

The units come in both 1200- and 1700-V classes and in two sizes: the 89- by 172-mm PrimePACK2 and the 89- by 250-mm PrimePACK 3. The half-bridge configuration and modular design of the PrimePACK devices make it easy to scale the converter power by employing different module sizes or by connecting the modules of a given type in parallel.

The unique module design offers many advantages, such as the special layout of the IGBT chips inside the module, which significantly improves heat distribution. The chips are closer to the baseplate’s screw-fastening points, resulting in low thermal resistance between the baseplate and the heatsink. Internal stray inductance is reduced by approximately 60% from that of comparable modules.

PrimePACK modules are RoHS-compliant and meet the fire-protection requirements of NFF16-101 and 16-102. The 1700-V PrimePACK is in volume production now. Volume production of the 1200-V version is expected by September, 2007. For more information, go to www.infineon.com/primepack.

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