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15-W Power Converters Enable All-Surface-Mount Assembly

The AM 15 series of 15-W surface-mountable dc-dc converters lets users manufacture equipment using only surface-mount techniques. The units supply up to 18 W of output power in a 2.0- by 1.0- by 0.39-in. package that achieves 89% efficiency with a 5-V output. The converters have a standard input range of 36 to 75 V dc. Voltage accuracy is 1% at full load over the operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Drawing from a 48-V nominal input, the converters offer output voltages of 12.0, 5.0, 3.3, 2.5, and 1.8 V. Also, the AM 15 converters come in a flat metallic package weighing less than 20 g and are compatible with pick-and-place processes. They're optimized for free convection cooling and target telecom and industrial applications. Additional features include overload protection, remote on/off, and output voltage adjust capabilities. In large quantities, the AM 15 converters cost $17.50 each.

Alcatel Converters
www.alcatel.com; +33 (0) 2 96 04 89 78

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