150-W PFC-Input Power Supply Extends MTBF To 170,000 Hours

150-W PFC-Input Power Supply Extends MTBF To 170,000 Hours

Absopulse’s PFW 150-24 industrial-grade ac-dc power supply addresses the need for reliable power conversion in applications with problematic or costly unit replacement. Rather than use optical components, the feedback system on the primary side employs a sensing-circuit design. As a result, mean time between failure (MTBF) reaches 170,000 hours at 45°C, minimum. The 150-W supply integrates active power factor correction (PFC) to convert a universal ac-input voltage (95 to 264 V ac) to 24 V dc. Typical line/load regulation exceeds ±2% from 5% to full load. An isolated, floating output can be grounded to either terminal, allowing for use in either positive- or negative-grounded systems, or they may be left floating. Included are 4300-V dc input/output isolation, and overload, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection with thermal shutdown and auto-resetting. Robust construction and conformal coating ensure immunity to high levels of shock, vibration, and moisture. The power supply is filtered to meet EN55022 Class B conducted and radiated requirements.


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