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1.5A Switching Regulator Comes In TSSOP-16 Package

With its low on-resistance (RDS(ON)) of 0.1 ohms, the LM2653 is a synchronous switching regulator that offers a 1.5A output in a miniature TSSOP-16 housing. The device is just 1.1 mm tall, making it suitable for applications in notebook computers and other low-profile portable systems. A 300-kHz internal oscillator allows for use of extremely low-profile components. Power conversion is performed in efficient manner over a 100:1 load ratio (1.5A to 15 mA). To conserve battery life, the regulator enters a low-power hysteretic mode during light loads to keep efficiency high. It also uses synchronous rectification to achieve conversion efficiencies of up to 97%.


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