17-V Synchronous Step-Down Regulator Delivers Dual 1-A Outputs

17-V Synchronous Step-Down Regulator Delivers Dual 1-A Outputs

Linear Tech’s LTC3622 17-V input-capable synchronous buck regulator produces dual 1-A continuous current to outputs down to 0.6 V. Synchronous rectification pushes efficiencies up to 95%, while burst-mode operation requires a mere 5 µA of no-load quiescent current. It switches at a fixed 1-MHz frequency (the LTC3622-2 version switches at 2.25 MHz). A constant-frequency, current-mode architecture helps minimize switching noise while boosting line and load transient-response speeds. Input voltage ranges from 2.7 to 17 V, suiting the devices for single- or dual-cell lithium-ion applications and 5- or 12-V intermediate bus systems. With a minimum on-time of 75 ns, the regulators can step-down 14-V inputs to 2.5 V with a 2.25-MHz switching frequency without pulse skipping. For the lowest possible noise, the LTC3622/-2 can be configured to run in pulse-skipping mode or synchronized to an external clock. Other features include a power-good monitor for each channel, internal compensation, and thermal protection. All devices come in 3- by 4-mm DFN-14 packages.


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