1800-V RC-IGBT Meets Inverter Switching Needs

Toshiba_0925-AAn IGBT with an integrated reverse recovery diode from Toshiba Electronics Europe offers an impressive voltage rating of 1800 V. The GT40WR21 N-channel RC-IGBT (Reverse Conducting IGBT) consists of a freewheeling diode monolithically integrated into an IGBT chip. A typical IGBT fall time of only 0.15 µs supports ultra-high-speed switching (see the figure).

The diode is rated for a collector current (IC) of 40 A. It also can handle peak currents of 80 A for 1 ms. Typical saturation voltage at 40 A is only 2.9 V. Maximum collector power dissipation at 25°C is 375 W. The integrated diode is rated for a forward current of 20 A and a peak current (for 100 µs) of 80 A. As with previous models in Toshiba’s N-channel IGBT family, the GT40WR21 can support high-temperature operation with a maximum junction temperature (Tj) of 175°C. Low turn-off switching losses ensure high-efficiency operation.

The GT40WR21 is particularly suitable for induction heating and induction cooking designs, says Toshiba, alongside other applications demanding high-performance voltage resonator inverter switching. It comes in the TO247-equivalent package TO-3P (N), which measures just 15.5 by 20.0 by 4.5 mm.

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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