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1A Regulators Squash Noise In Sensitive Equipment

1A Regulators Squash Noise In Sensitive Equipment

NewsLine-April-2012-News-TI-ADallas, Texas, USA: The latest range of voltage regulators from Texas Instruments helps maximise the performance of precision data converters and amplifiers and sensitive clock-distribution circuits used in telecom, test equipment, and high-end audio and video equipment. The 1A TPS54120, the first entrant in the company’s QuietSupply range, features a noise figure of 9µV rms at 100Hz to 100kHz, and 17µV rms at 100Hz to 1MHz.

TI claims the regulator reduces noise by up to 99% compared to other solutions, without compromising efficiency or power performance. It maintains a high power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of 83db at 10kHz and 70dB at 100kHz. Input voltage ranges from 4.5V to 17V with an adjustable output of 0.8V to 6.0V. In addition, it’s synchronisable to an external clock between 200 kHz and 1.2MHz.

The TPS54120 comes in a thermally enhanced 4mm by 4mm, 20-pin QFN or TSSOP package.

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