200-mA LDO Comes With Active Output Discharge

200-mA LDO Comes With Active Output Discharge

Thanks to its rapid active output discharge, the LT3063 low-dropout-voltage linear regulator (LDO) offers load protection in applications requiring power conditioning on both startup and shutdown, such as high-end imaging sensors. An internal NMOS pull-down discharges the output voltage if either the SHDN pin is driven low or the input voltage is turned off. The IC, developed by Linear Tech, delivers up to 200 mA of continuous output current with a 300-mV dropout voltage at full load. Input voltage ranges from 1.6 to 45 V, and adjustable output voltages extend from 0.6 to 19 V. A single capacitor provides programmable noise operation of a mere 30 µV rms across a 10-Hz to 100-kHz, as well as reference soft-start functionality that prevents output-voltage overshoot at turn-on. Output-voltage tolerance measures ±2% over line, load, and temperature. Quiescent current is 45 µA when operating, and less than 3 µA in shutdown mode. The LT3063 incorporates a small ceramic output capacitor—the IC is stable with a minimum-value 3.3-µF capacitor. It comes in thermally enhanced, 8-lead, 2- by 3-mm DFN and MSOP packages.


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