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2.4-GHz SiGe Power Amps Infuse Power Detection

Digital European Cordless Telephones (DECTs) and 802.11b/g wireless local-area network (WLAN) applications can arm themselves with a new line of silicon-germanium (SiGe) power amplifiers. These linear devices from M/A-COM offer three stages of gain and a built-in power detector that precludes the need to build additional feedback circuits for bias trimming. Their microamp power-shutdown mode dramatically improves battery life.

The MAAPSS0075 is designed for 2.4-GHz WLAN products. It delivers 26.5 dBm of power with an overall gain of 32 dB and a supply of 3.3 V. Its current consumption of 400 mA is about 33% less than competitive offerings.

The MAAPSS0081 is optimized for worldwide DECT applications that require linear operation at 2.4 GHz with 26 dBm of saturated power. Its low-power mode drops the current drain from 400 mA at saturation to 150 mA at a 17-dBm power level. It can operate from a single 1.4- to 4-V supply.

A variation of this chip, the MAAPSS-0066, can be used in mainstream ISM (industrial-scientific-medical) and wireless DECT applications. It delivers 25-dB gain and 25-dBm output power.

The MAAPSS0082 is a 1.89- to 1.92-GHz version designed for Personal Handy System (PHS) phones. It has 31-dB gain and an output power of 23 dBm with 280-mA current drain.

Each device is in a 3-mm FQFP-N 12-lead package. They're available from stock. Prices vary considerably with type and volume. Contact M/A-COM for further information.

M/A-COM Inc.

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