25-A Digital POL Regulator Embeds Dynamic Loop Compensation

25-A Digital POL Regulator Embeds Dynamic Loop Compensation

Ericsson’s 3E series BMR463-25A, a third-generation digital point-of-load (POL) regulator with dynamic loop compensation (DLC), delivers a 25% increase in output current over the previous generation BMR463-20A. The regulator runs the DLC algorithm as default each time the output is enabled; three more settings are available via the PMBus. The Loop Compensation Tool in the company’s Power Designer software allows designers to set their own loop compensation profile to match specific application requirements. Up to 95.2% efficiency is possible at 3.3-V output, and up to 89.4% at 1.0 V when the output load is at 50%. Input voltage range is 4.5 to 14.0 V. Output voltage is adjustable (through PMBus commands or a 1% tolerance pin-strap resistor with 28 output-voltage levels) from 0.6 to 3.3 V (factory default is 1.2 V). When higher power or a “star-point current distribution” is required, the device can be paralleled with up to seven modules to achieve 175 A. In parallel, the modules can be synchronized with phase-spreading to reduce noise and peak current. Surface-mount and through-hole versions are available with a footprint of 25.65 by 13.8 by 8.2 mm. The regulator also comes in single-in-line packages.


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