25-A PoL Converter Reduces Footprint By 70%

25-A PoL Converter Reduces Footprint By 70%

International Rectifier’s IR3847 integrated voltage regulator can operate at 25 A without a heatsink, thanks to thermally enhanced packaging that uses copper clips and several proprietary innovations made to the controller. This latest entry extends the current rating of the company’s SupIRBuck family of PoL converters. Packaging measures 5mm by 6mm, which is 70% smaller than a controller-plus-MOSFETs solution, according to IR. A complete 25-A power supply can be implemented in as little as 168mm2. The IR3847, a member of the new Gen3 SupIRBuck single-input-voltage (5V to 21V) family, features a proprietary modulator scheme that reduces jitter by 90% compared to standard solutions. In turn, it drops output voltage ripple by around 30% and allows for higher frequency/higher bandwidth operation that enables the use of fewer, yet smaller and better-transient-response, output capacitors. Peak efficiency is greater than 96%. Operating junction temperature ranges from -40 to 125°C. The device, qualified for the industrial market, also integrates external synchronisation, sequencing, VTT tracking, and output voltage margining.

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