30-µV Op Amp Settles In 15 µs To 0.0015%

30-µV Op Amp Settles In 15 µs To 0.0015%

A new dual 3- to 30-V operational amplifier developed by Linear Technology features a 30-µV maximum input offset voltage and 0.5-µV/°C (maximum) VOS drift. Even though supply current is a mere 100 µA, proprietary slew-enhancement circuitry accelerates output step response. The LT6020 settles to 0.0015% in less than 15 µs, regardless of whether the output step is 5 or 25 V. Input circuitry is designed to maintain high impedance, which helps minimize current spikes associated with fast steps for input steps up to 5 V. A shutdown mode reduces supply current to less than 3 µA when the amplifier is inactive. Enable time of 100 µs and a fast slew rate combine to boost power efficiency in duty-cycled applications. The device is fully specified over the ‒40 to 85°C and ‒40 to 125°C temperature ranges. It comes in MSOP-8 and 3- by 3-mm DFN packaging. Specific applications include high-precision multiplexed data-acquisition systems, digital-to-analog-converter buffers, and portable high-precision instruments.


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