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300-mA Low-Dropout Regulators Eliminate Wasted Ground Current

Intended as CMOS upgrades for bipolar low-dropout regulators, the TC1107 and TC1108 low-dropout voltage regulators have fixed or adjustable output voltages, high output current of 300 mA and high precision of ±0.5% typical. Unlike bipolar regulators, the devices' CMOS construction eliminates wasted ground current, resulting in significantly lower supply current over the entire load range, it's claimed. Both devices are stable with an output capacitor of 1 µF. The TC1107 enters a low-power shutdown state of less than 0.5 µA maximum when the shutdown input is brought low. The device offers short-circuit and over-temperature protection and reference bypass input for very low noise operation. It's available in several fixed-voltage output versions. The TC1108 comes with several fixed voltage options. It's pin-compatible with the MIC5201 and LT1121 and is said to offer lower quiescent current and greater output current capability than those devices. Both regulators are suitable for battery-operated applications such as portable computers, medical instruments and cellular phones.


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