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40W Converters Boost Low-Voltage Efficiencies

Superior efficiencies at lower output voltages is the order of the day for EXA40 Series dc-to-dc converters. The 40W units come in a compact 2.2" x 2.2" open-frame package, a size that's smaller than some 30W converters. Designed for applications in which efficient power transfer is critical (telecommunications, industrial electronics, mobile communications, and distributed-power systems), the EXA40 converters provide from 2% to 10% greater efficiency than competing products, it's claimed. Typical efficiencies are 91% for the 5V outputs, 88% for the 3.3V outputs, and 84% for the 1.8V outputs.Other features include remote on/off and extended temperature operation. Input ranges are 18-36 vdc for the 24V models and 36-75 vdc for 48V models.


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