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5-W DC-DC Converters Come In 24-Pin DIP

A series of 5-W high-voltage dc-dc converters comes in 24-pin dual-inline packages (DIPs) with industry-standard pin-outs. In addition to accepting the standard nominal inputs of 24 and 48 V dc, the parts handle a nominal 120-V dc input (with a range of 75 to 142 V dc). Outputs can be configured as single, dual, or dual-isolated in the range of ±120 V dc with efficiency rated at up to 93%. Input and output requirements can be customized for specific applications. The converters also deliver total input-to-output isolation, short-circuit protection, thermal protection, soft start, and 2-mA off-state current. They include a metal case and six-sided shielding. Target applications include high-voltage power amplifiers, micro-machine drivers, and piezoelectric transducers. In OEM quantities, the dc-dc converters are priced at $25.50 each with delivery in four to six weeks.

Beta Dyne Inc.
www.beta-dyne.com; (508) 697-1993

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