500-W 0.5-U PSUs Suit Restricted Airflow Applications

500-W 0.5-U PSUs Suit Restricted Airflow Applications

Powerstax’s FAC series baseplate-cooled power modules come in a slim half-U height form factor (22 by 175 by 180 mm). Featuring power factor correction (PFC), these units can deliver a 500-W output from an 85- to 264-V ac input. They are offered in 12-, 15-, 24-, 28-, and 48-V dc output options, with custom voltages available. Hold-up capability is built into each unit, along with a convenient H15 connector to allow hot-swap redundancy. Designed for cold wall mounting, these modules are effective in applications where little or no forced-air cooling can be provided including outdoor signage and telecommunications infrastructure (such as street cabinets, picocell basestations, and wireless access points) and industrial power systems. A fan-cooled version with a 1U height is also available for rack or system mounting, which is environmentally sealed and has a built-in heatsink. To increase power output levels, units can be paralleled with a simple single-wire connection, allowing multi-kilowatt systems to be realised.


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