6-A Digital Switching Regulator Aimed At Infrastructure Power Systems

6-A Digital Switching Regulator Aimed At Infrastructure Power Systems

Next-generation infrastructure power systems could look to Intersil’s ZL2102 6-A digital synchronous step-down dc-dc power regulator as one of their building blocks. The fully integrated, auto-compensated device supports adjustable output voltages of 0.54 to 5.5 V operating from input voltages ranging from 4.5 to 14 V. Auto compensation characterizes the power stage and adjusts accordingly, ultimately fostering quicker design time by eliminating complex design calculations and boosting reliability. A bootstrap diode and internal low-dropout regulators that allow single-supply operation from +12 V, coupled with the compensation, help reduce the amount of external components and overall board space. The ZL2102 can be configured with external pin-strap or resistor settings, which makes it possible to setup all key parameters and adjust switching frequency, output voltage, soft-start ramp/delay settings, and sequencing options. Onboard NVM stores all configuration and setups parameters. In addition, it supports over 70 PMBus commands for more advanced setups. A PMBus interface monitors all telemetric data. Packaging is a 6- by 6-mm, 36-lead QFN.


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