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60-A Output Rectifiers Provide Fast Recovery Times

A pair of 60-A general-purpose soft recovery diodes features up to 11% faster recovery time than competing 200-V devices, and approximately 17% faster recovery time than comparable 400-V devices. The UFB60FA20 (200 V) and UFB60FA40 (400 V) output rectifiers are electrically isolated from the copper mounting substrate to simplify electrical design, final application layout, and heatsink mounting. Multiple devices may be used separately or together for greater voltage or current capability. The devices' four-terminal configuration enhances flexibility. The two diodes are independent and can be used separately or connected in a series, parallel common-anode, or common-cathode configuration. High-performance silicon die allow a thicker substrate to be used for improved mechanical strength and electrical insulation. Insulation voltage is rated at 2500 VRMS between live terminals and the copper base. Both devices are offered in an SOT-227 package. They will find their way into welding and industrial power-supply applications. The UFB60FA20 and UFB60FA40 soft recovery diodes cost $10.32 each in 1000-unit quantities.

International Rectifier
www.irf.com; (310) 252-7105

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