Electronic Design

600-W Supplies Boast Over 200 Output Combos

A 1U, 600-W six-output switcher, the Quick-Set PowerCassette features factory-set outputs that are configurable via internal DIP switches. As a result, its maker can offer next-day delivery for small orders on 234 different models. These 11- by 5- by 1.6-in. power supplies come in chassis-mount and hot-swap versions with outputs ranging from 1.8 to 12 V. Other features include power factor correction, single-wire current sharing, output OR'ing diodes (on hot-swap models), remote sensing, adjustable output voltages, and no-load operation. Pricing in quantity is as low as $399.

www.unipower-corp.com; (954) 346-2442, ext. 315

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