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600V Rectifiers Mind Consumer Affairs

600V Rectifiers Mind Consumer Affairs

Groomed for consumer applications, the company’s latest 600V, 8A rectifiers feature a typical voltage drop of 1V at rated current, recovery times as fast as 16 ns in hard switching conditions, and a typical leakage current of 30 µA at 125°C. Addressing 70W to 400W switchmode power supply apps, the devices can also be used for lighting and ballast designs. Three devices, VS-8E2TH06-x/VS-8E2TH06FP-x, VS-8E2TL06-x/VS-8E2TL06FP-x, and VS-8E2TX06-x/VS-8E2TX06FP-x, are available and each is available in TO-220AC and TO 220FPAC packages with a 175°C maximum junction-temperature rating. Pricing starts at $0.33 each/1,000 for TO-220AC devices and $0.37 each/1,000 for TO-220FPAC devices. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC., Malvern, PA. (619) 336-0860.


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