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720-W Li-ion Battery Optimized for Electric Vehicles

720-W Li-ion Battery Optimized for Electric Vehicles

The EVC-116-720 from Green Watt Power is a 2 stage constant current/constant voltage lithium-ion (Li-ion) charger designed for on-board electric vehicle applications including electric scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs. It has a universal input range of 90 to 264 VAC with an input frequency range of 47 to 63 Hz. The output current of the charger is 6 A with a current range of 5.8 to 6.2 A. The output voltage regulation band is 69 to 116 VDC. Ripple and noise is +/- 10% of Iout max. The operating temperature range is -23 to +85° C, with a storage range of -40 to +85° C.  It features CAN communication to optimize charger performance based on commands from the vehicle’s battery management system.


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