Electronic Design

75-W Half-Brick DC-DC Converters Deliver Three Outputs At 88% Efficiency

Models in the HE series of dc-dc converters are 75-W triple-output half-bricks that operate from either an 18- to 36-V or 36- to 75-V input. The units' main outputs deliver either 20 A at 3.3 V or 15 A at 5 V, while their auxiliary outputs generate 2 A at either ±12 or ±15 V. The converters provide 1544-V dc isolation and operate at efficiencies as high as 88%. In addition, their case temperature operating range is ­40°C to 100°C. The units are priced at $118.

Calex Manufacturing
www.calex.com; (800) 542-3355

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